Privacy Policy

Personal data we collect

The personal data which is collected by us is gathered by having interactive sessions with the users where we take feedback on our products and services. Generally, the data is collected by accumulating valuable data that correlates with your personal experience. Therefore, the data is comprehensively collected simply which completely depends on the user’s experiences and perceptions of the users. We just collect the views and features of AOL products and services which you can use. We, therefore, affirm that the personal data is from alternate websites.

How we efficiently use the data collected?

The data which is collected or gathered is just to derive meaningful insights so that we can make the amendments in AOL products and services as per your requirements. We can use the data collected to:

  • Create products and services with the latest and updated information.
  • Provide offers available on the AOL products and services.
  • Improve the AOL apps, products, and services offered to customers.
  • Make modifications or changes to the AOL products. 

Why sharing your Personal data important?

We share your important data with the mutual consent between the users and us, this is done just to complete any pending transactions from your end. It is also very important that you consider the data collected is very much genuine and authentic with the AOL officials and subsidiaries. This is done to protect the valuable customers and maintaining the right to security.  

Monitoring the flow of Personal Data collected

There are many ways that help you to control and watch over your personal data that is collected by us. Moreover, you can just practice the data protection rights if you have the personal data collected. Some of the profound cases that are required the permission of some law and sign from legal authorities to access the personal data. If you can control the flow of the personal data, you can easily:

  • Make use of the data that is collected on the AOL privacy dashboard.
  • Put a limit on the Utilization of your personal data for advertising on the website.
  • Opting for promotional emails and much more.

Privacy cookies

You can easily use the privacy cookies to store the personal data so that you can make changes according to the preferences and settings to get the permission to sign in and fight back the scams and fraudulent activities that use the certain meaningful insights. 

AOL email services and products offered by your organization

In case, your Organization provides you a pack of AOL services and products then that organization can:

  • Put a limit on the AOL application that you run and make changes in the privacy settings.
  • Access your personal data available that is linked with AOL applications such as chats, communications, and others.

Your AOL mail services account

By using the AOL account you do not require access permission for the same. The personal data that is registered and linked with your AOL mail account will show you the relevant data such as the user’s name, contact information, or payment process along with other necessary details. By signing in to your AOL account you can protect your details and personal information on the website. 

Other important Privacy information

Some of the uniquely important information that is available on the official website is related to the process to secure personal data. This information includes how and where we utilize your data and in what time frame you can retain your personal data. You can monitor the information available on the website. We also commit you to protect your Privacy that is showcased on our Privacy policy forum along with terms and conditions in use.